Project Leaders
Paweł Kołodziejski aquadran
Einar Johan T. Sømåen somaen
Grim Team:
James Brown ender Grim developer (retired)
Giulio Camuffo giucam Grim developer (retired)
Dries Harnie Botje EMI, Android, OpenGL ES developer
Paweł Kołodziejski aquadran Core developer (suspended)
Christian Krause chkr EMI developer (retired)
Einar Johan T. Sømåen somaen Grim, EMI developer
Joel Teichroeb klusark EMI, Android developer
Joni Vähämäki Akz EMI developer (retired)
ICB Team:
Paweł Kołodziejski aquadran Porting from original codebase
Joost Peters joostp Porting from original codebase
Einar Johan T. Sømåen somaen Porting from original codebase
Myst 3 Team:
Bastien Bouclet bgK Core developer
Stark Team:
Bastien Bouclet bgK Core developer
Einar Johan T. Sømåen somaen Core developer (retired)
Liu Zhaosong Douglas Core developer
Wintermute 3D Team:
Gunnar Birke Fury Porting from original Wintermute 3D codebase
Thomas Allen olldray Various engine code fixes and improvements
Torbjörn Andersson eriktorbjorn Various code fixes
Ori Avtalion salty-horse Lipsync, LAF support, various code fixes
Robert Biro DarthJDG Antialiasing support
Bastien Bouclet bgK Various fixes to engine
David Cardwell d356 Few fixes to EMI
Marcus Comstedt marcus_c Initial Dreamcast port
Andrea Corna Yak Bizzarro Patcher module, various engine improvements
Jonathan Gray khalek Various code fixes
Tobias Gunkel tobigun Initial Android port, few engines fixes
Azamat H. Hackimov winterheart Configure fix
Vincent Hamm yazoo Various engine code fixes and improvements
Sven Hesse DrMcCoy Various compilation fixes
Matthew Hoops clone2727 Smush codec48, Grim and EMI engine improvements
Erich Hoover Compholio x86-64 fixes, various code fixes and improvements
Max Horn fingolfin Few code fixes
Travis Howell Kirben Various code fixes, Windows port
Joseph Jezak JoseJX A lot of engine improvements and fixes
Guillem Jover guillemj Few code improvements
Filippos Karapetis bluegr Compilation fixes
Ingo van Lil inguin Various fixes and improvements for EMI
Vincent Pelletier vpelletier Various engine and TinyGL improvements
Joost Peters joostp Various code fixes
George Macon gmacon Few fixes
Josh Matthews jdm Few fixes to engine
Matthieu Milan usineur Various engine improvements
Gregory Montoir cyx Few fixes to engine
Stefano Musumeci subr3v TinyGL backend and engine driver improvements
Christian Neumair mannythegnome Various optimisation patches
Daniel Schepler Initial grim engine contributor, LUA support
Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob Minor spelling corrections
Yaron Tausky yaront Fixes to subtitles
Julien Templier Littleboy create_project tool
Pino Toscano pinotree Debian GNU/Linux package files
Lionel Ulmer bbrox OpenGL optimisations
??? cmayer0087 Various engine code fixes
??? JenniBee Compilation fixes
??? karjonas Various engine code fixes
??? PoulpiFr Few fixes to Android port
??? sietschie Few fixes to engine
Myst 3:
David Fioramonti dafioram Autosave support and few fixes
Matthew Hoops clone2727 Various engine improvements and code fixes
Stefano Musumeci subr3v TinyGL engine driver support
Bartosz Dudziak Snejp Various engine improvements and code fixes
Matthew Hoops clone2727 ADPCM decoder
Paweł Kołodziejski aquadran Various engine code fixes
Awad Mackie firesock Few fixes to engine
Marius Ioan Orban mj0331 Code fix
Vincent Pelletier vpelletier Raw sound support
Jordi Vilalta Prat jvprat Initial engine contributor
Scott Thomas ST Initial engine author
Will Thomson wlthomson Few fixes to engine
??? Faalagorn Few code improvements
??? orangeforest11 Few engine improvements

If you have contributed to this engine then you deserve to be on this list. Contact us and we'll add you.

ScummVM code

ResidualVM uses a lot of ScummVM code. For a list of authors look into COPYRIGHT file.

Website code
Fredrik Wendel
Special thanks to

The LUA developers, for creating a nice compact script interpreter.

Tim Schafer, for obvious reasons, and everybody else who helped make Grim Fandango a brilliant game; and the EMI team for giving it their best try.

Bret Mogilefsky, for managing to create a SPUTM-style 3D LUA engine, and avoiding the horrible hack it could have been.

Benjamin Haisch, for emimeshviewer, which our EMI code borrows heavily from.


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