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Posted by somaen

Since our last update, there has been a quite a bit of development, 340 bugs have been fixed in our issue-tracker, and although quite a few still remain, development continues. Those interested in a bit more detail, can take a look at giucam's blog

One of the more interesting bugs found and solved, was the one about missing dialogue in Year 3, which actually was as old as the original game.

On another note, our forums has had an interesting turn of events, quite a few of the members have joined together to work on improving the original graphics of the game in a project called Grim Fandango: Remastered JohnnyWalker2001 has set up a blog where updates on this effort are posted.

Grim Fandango support still remains in active development, and a little bit of work has been done on Escape From Monkey Island. Now you can atleast play the intro video in the demo. Still, no promises on the EFMI improving any more any time soon.

As always, any contribution is greatly appreciated. If you wish to help, we can be contacted on #residualvm (freenode), or in our forums.


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