If you love games from LucasArt, then you know that sometimes just playing them can be problematic on certain platforms. But luckily for die-hard fans, a special service has appeared that will help you run good old games on any platform! This is a real gift, because it is difficult to find interpreters for games such as Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island on the Internet. In this article, we will tell you about ResidualVM as the best option available on the market right now!

What Is the ResidualVM

ResidualVM is a unique cross-platform 3D game interpreter from Lucas Art. The program currently supports games such as Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island. Since games were created back in the late 20th century, it would be problematic to run them on modern devices. However, the developers have created a great tool that allows you to do this on any available modern device.
All you need for the application to work properly is to have the game start files and ResidualVM installed. After a short installation period, you can move on to playing your favorite games!

New Update of ResidualVM 3.0

Developers constantly keep the project alive and make adjustments for fans of old games. Version 3.0 was recently announced. This time, the team of creators will delight not only fans of the LucasArt game series. ResidualVM now supports games like Myst 3 Exile and The Longest Journey. And this means that the variability for your holiday has expanded significantly!

The Further Development Opportunities

The developers of ResidualVM not only created an application that works almost perfectly but also gave the community the freedom to develop it on their own! There are several options for this. Let’s see how you may help the creators!

1. Make Changes to the Code Yourself

ResidualVM is written almost entirely in the C++ programming language. He is one of the most popular on the planet, which means that many people can know him. Probably, using this very logic, the developers opened access to the original code of the ResidualVM program. Now everyone can, just by going to the site, download the code and independently look for bugs and shortcomings, try to optimize it, and so on. Therefore, if you have at least basic knowledge of programming using C++ or other programming languages, then you can try your hand!

2. Propose a Fix to the Developers Personally

In addition to open source, the creators provide an opportunity for people who do not have programming talent to also contribute to the development of the project. For this, a special discord server ResidualVM was created. By visiting it, you may personally communicate with the team and offer them your vision for the future of the project.
This is a very powerful tool, because the main thing in any business is an idea! And with its help, the creators will be able to realize any desire of their community.

Where to Find the Latest News

If you want to follow the development of the project, then the developers have prepared an official website for you. It has several sections that you might be interested in!

1. Forums for User Communication

The site has a forum for the community. On it, you can find answers to almost all your questions, without disturbing the developers. In addition, there is a fairly large number of competent and knowledgeable users who can make you a great company for simple communication!

2. News Section on the Official Website

Also, the project team is constantly blogging. In it, they regularly post the latest news, including messages about improvements, fixes and future updates! Therefore, if you are interested in this topic, then go to the ResidualVM website and look for the necessary information!

Participation of ResidualVM in Championships

Few people know, however, championships are regularly held in the world, in which the organizers evaluate the implementation of an idea from the participants. And quite recently, the ResidualVM team took part in a similar competition organized by Google. And the developers received a lot of approval from the judges. This fact indicates that the program code is really written very competently, and the intentions of the developers are completely pure, and they will not try to deceive you anywhere.

Do I Need to Pay to Use

The development team, as already mentioned, provides free access to the original code tree to anyone. And this means that the application is completely free, and anyone can use it. The developers set the only condition for people who plan to distribute a modified version of the program. In this case, they also ask for access to the original version of the code. In a word, if you just want to play games from LucasArt or other companies, then just feel free to download the program from the official site!

Are There Analogues for ResidualVM

On the Internet, you can certainly find a number of similar programs that will perform similar functions. However, at the moment this is the only tool created by professional developers and perfectly fulfilling its functions!

ResidualVM Is a Great Alternative to Many Options!

ResidualVM is a great program for anyone who wants to try old games on new devices! Thanks to her, you can run your favorite games and are not afraid that at any time the passage will be interrupted due to some bugs and shortcomings. We wish you good luck and good game!