Ways to Struggle Most Spread Bugs of ResidualVM

ResidualVM is a great app for fans of old games from LucasArt and a number of other no fewer cult teams. Unfortunately, some legendary games are no longer supported by modern operating systems. But sometimes you want to feel nostalgia and enjoy old memories! Especially for this, a team of professional programmers created the ResidualVM program code. But, as in any other program, failures and bugs can happen here. In this article, we will tell you how to deal with them in order to fully enjoy the gaming experience!

Unknown Random Crashes of Games

Any code can be improved indefinitely, improving productivity and removing bugs. However, not all of them may be found and eliminated during the verification process. Therefore, if your game for some unknown reason stops working at a random moment, then there is only one solution – contact the developers or look at the Compatibility List for the indicated problem. By the way, the issue number can be found in the computer console!

What to Do If Console Disappears?

The game developers remind you that sometimes the console may close too quickly to be able to distinguish the error number. To do this, you need to reopen the console. Now we will tell you how to do this and how to find out the error number.
If you work using Windows, then everything should be as simple as possible. To do this, click on the “Start” button and select the “Run” function. A window for entering text appears on the desktop, and write “cmd.exe” there, after which the console opens. And in it, you need to specify the path to the program directory by entering the following text “cd \your\path\to\residualvm”. As you can see, everything is quite simple!

How to Report Program Bugs?

In order to report your issues to the game developers, you need to create your own GitHub account. On this site, you can find the Problem Reports tab. By clicking on it you will find detailed instructions on what you need to specify in order to get help. And don’t worry, we will take action on your application soon!

Instead of a Running Application, a Transparent Screen Is Launched

This is a fairly rare problem, which, according to the program developers, occurs exclusively on Windows. Fortunately, the cause of the problem is quite simple and commonplace. It’s your video card drivers. In general, it should be noted that this is a common problem in other games and programs. To solve it, you should simply update the drivers on your device and make sure they are the latest version!

A Distorted Audio Track Is Playing

The problem of distorted sound may also occur in games on computers running the Windows operating system. It is solved in a similar way to the previous paragraph. In order to solve the error, you should make sure that you have the latest sound card drivers installed.

Some Other Common Mistakes

Unfortunately, the program has a number of other common problems. However, thanks to the activity of users, the developers are already familiar with them, and they are solving this issue with great excitement!

Don’t Be Afraid to Report Game Bugs!

Any program requires perfection, so the developers are asked to report any problems that you have. Thus, you may contribute to the development of the project!