Main Information about ResidualVM Interpreter

ResidualVM is a great program for any lover of old games in today’s world. Indeed, at times, an undying classic deserves to be played even today. But many people who do not have basic knowledge have great difficulty with this. After all, modern operating systems simply cannot load such old programs. However, there is a solution for this! In this article, we will tell you the basic information about the ResidualVM program, which will help you realize your desires!

What Does the Name ResidualVM Mean?

In order to understand the play on words that the developers put into the name of the program, you should go from afar. The creators of the project have another interesting application called ScummVM. It performs the same functions as it exists to run old games from LucasArt on the Scumm engine. However, its program did not allow launching other equally significant and iconic games of the company.
Therefore, it was decided to launch a completely different project called ResidualVM. At the same time, the developers themselves really like the play on words, because residual may also be translated as remaining. Thus, the team shows that this extension allows you to run the remaining games that ScummVM does not support!

List of Games App Supports

The developers themselves have tried to expand the list of supported games as much as possible, even going beyond the scope of LucasArt. At the moment, according to the company, the application will help fans launch games such as “Escape from Monkey Island”, “Grim Fandango”, as well as a number of games from other companies: “Myst 3 Exile” and “The Longest Journey”. As you may see, the range of supported games is quite large, and every die-hard fan will be able to find something that suits him!

In addition, it should be noted that the developers are constantly developing the project. And now several updates have been announced that will add additional games. Also, in one of the previous blogs, we mentioned that it is possible to offer your vision of the development of the project personally to the creators, or even make changes to the program code yourself!

What Platforms Can ResidualVM Run on?

The project managers did a great job and were able to organize the high-quality work of the interpreter on almost all modern platforms! On the official website, you can find out that at the moment the list of operating systems includes all versions of windows from vista to 10, Linux, macOS and AmigaOS 4. In a word, you can use ResidualVM on any computer in the world!

Do I Need to Pay for Use?

According to the developers, the program is absolutely free to use! This is also confirmed by the fact that the application code can be easily found on the Internet, which means that ResidualVM is distributed under the General Public Lisence System. The only request of the creators is to provide access to the original code tree if you have the desire and the opportunity to distribute the modified version yourself!

You Should Definitely Try ResidualVM!

If you are a fan of 90s games from legendary companies, then you should certainly try this extension! With it, you can plunge into the atmosphere of nostalgia again and enjoy your favorite moments again!